Managerial Accounting (Video) by Susan Crosson

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In this course, students will learn about the following topics: management process, cost concepts, job order costing, process costing, PVA, ABC and JIT, cost behavior, budgets, performance management and evaluation, standard costing, short-run decision analysis, pricing, and quality.

Topics Covered

Topics and Concepts Covered

  1. Chapter 1: Management Process
  2. Chapter 2: Cost Concepts
  3. Chapter 3: Job Order Costing
  4. Chapter 4: Process Costing
  5. Chapter 5: PVA, ABC and JIT
  6. Chapter 6: Cost Behavior
  7. Chapter 7: Budgets
  8. Chapter 8: Performance Management & Evaluation
  9. Chapter 9: Standard Costing
  10. Chapter 10: Short-Run Decision Analysis
  11. Chapter 11: Pricing
  12. Chapter 12: Quality

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