10 Things To Do Before You Graduate High School

The end of high school often leaves graduates excited for the next chapter in their life. Before graduation arrives however, there are 10 "must dos" every high school student should consider before leaving the nest.

1. Don't Push Your Family Away. Take advantage of the time you have left with them! Friends may seem more important than your family at times, but the old saying that "friends come and go, family is forever" is true. As you graduate and get ready to move away to college, you are going to see a lot less of them. Enjoy it while you can!

2. Hang Out With Friends. Of course, be sure to spend some good quality time with your high school friends before everyone leaves for college. Once school starts, it will become difficult to maintain those relationships and schedule time to visit one another, especially if your friends are in different states.

3. Learn How to Do Laundry. News flash: your mom will no longer be there to wash and fold your clothes for you! Before you go, ask your mom to give you a quick lesson on how to wash clothes and remove stains.

4. Learn How to Cook. Once you are out on your own, cafeteria food and late night pizzas can get old pretty fast, leaving you craving mom's home-cooked meals. Before you leave home, learn how to cook your favorite dishes. If the dorm room you move into doesn't give you the ability to cook, look for some healthier elements in the cafeteria so you're not stuck eating garbage all the time.

5. Clean Out Your Closet. Before packing for school, clear out your closet of all unused and unwanted items. The closet in your dorm room is likely to be small and shared with a roommate, you will regret bringing those unnecessary items that just take up space. Do a good deed by donating your clothes you don't want anymore to Goodwill or the Salvation Army!

6. What's Your Passion? College is about figuring out what you are interested in, but why wait until then? Take up a hobby, learn to play an instrument, join a few clubs at school – you will arrive at college with a solid idea of some of your favorite new free-time hobbies or maybe even a solid idea of what you might want to do for the rest of your life.

7. Memorize Your Personal Information. Once you arrive on campus, you will be bombarded with paperwork, some of which will require your Social Security number and other personal information. Be sure to memorize these details and be careful where you write them down because someone else might try and use them against you!

8. Decide If You're Going Greek. Joining a sorority or fraternity is not all fun and games – once you join, you will be required to maintain a certain GPA throughout your college career and contribute some of your time to philanthropy and other activities.

9. Become More Social. If you have a fear of public speaking, learn strong communication skills by getting a job that involves customer interaction or maybe even sign up for the debate team. This skill makes the difference in job interviews and many college classes require students to be vocal and engage in debates.

10. Enjoy Being a Kid. This will most likely be your last year of not having many responsibilities. Be irresponsible once in awhile and make some mild mistakes. Don't take life too seriously – this will be the only time you can sit around and watch TV all day without getting yelled at for not having a job!'

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