6 Things to Bring on GRE Test Day

On GRE test day, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, strict test proctors have a tendency to make test-takers really uncomfortable. Make sure you come to the test center prepared, and knowing what to expect. Here's what to take with you:

1. Comfortable clothes

You're not going to want to be shivering or sweating when trying to remember geometry properties on GRE test day. Make sure you bring some layers of long-sleeved clothes. Testing centers are often chilly.

2. Directions to the testing center

If you have a smartphone, put the address in the night before. Sometimes GER testing centers don't really look like much on the outside. So it might even be smart just past beforehand just so you know exactly where the testing center is, and where you'll need to park.

3. Photo ID

A driver's license or passport should do the trick in the US.

4. A snack and a drink.

GRE test dayYou'll have a 10-minute break during the GRE, to use the restroom, drink something, and eat a snack. Some testing centers will allow you to access your locker (where's you'll store your personal belongings) and others will not. Either way, you'll be able to have access to yoru snack and drink.

5. Your confirmation email.

You shouldn't need it, but just in case!

6. A positive attitude!

GRE test dayYou have already learned most of what you need to learn to do well on the GRE. You've practiced and studied for countless hours, you're almost at the finish line! You've got the vocab of Shakespeare. So all thats left for you to do is go in there knowing your going to knock it out of the park, and do it!


Oh, and PS: Do NOT bring your phone to the testing center! Not allowed!


  1. sara says

     I totally support GRE/GMAT based exams when a student is going to enter into programs of such a higher academic level.

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