AP Exam Stress Management - Nutrition, Rest, Relaxation & Exercise

Stress Ball

As the AP Exam test date approaches, hopefully you've settled into a routine which will be conducive for success.  It's important to remember that notetaking, organization, memorization, and study skills are only part of the test preparation.  To have your mind functioning at an optimum level, you must learn to control your stress.  These tips will also serve you during your collegiate career.


The importance of eating well is scientifically proven.  Good nutrition helps you to focus and think clearly.  Eat balanced meals and snacks with protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.  Hydration is important for the total functioning of your body.  Avoid sugar which will give you an initial burst of energy, but will drain you just as quickly.


Can we just acknowledge that your mother is right about certain things?  Teenagers need up to ten hours of sleep every night.    And spending ten hours in the bed is not the same as ten hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Checking for Facebook relationship status updates every few hours (or minutes) should be left until morning.  Better yet, do not sleep with your cell phone turned on and within your easy reach.


While you may unwind after school with the Xbox 360, this doesn't count as true relaxation.  How about some stretches, yoga, music, or deep cleansing breaths?

Mind Control

Have you visualized yourself succeeding?  Can you mentally revisit a time when you have had success on an assignment or test?


Physical exercise stimulates your mind and body and will improve your ability to concentrate.  For a rejuvenating study break, take a brisk walk for 30 minutes.


While you are embarking on a challenging task, it is important to think of it in the right light.  The AP Test is not a "Life or Death" situation.  Regardless of whether you achieve a 1 or a 5 on the AP test, your life is still going to turn out well.

Good Luck on your next AP Exam!

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