Continuity and Change-Over-Time: AP World History Test Prep

The second essay on the AP World History Exam is about Continuity and Change-Over-Time.  You'll be charged with showing a mastery of historical thinking skills.

As with other essays, you’ll need a strong thesis and the ability to argue and support your point.  This essay is unique due to its requirement of a specific type of analysis.  How has a World History course theme like technology, trade, culture, migration, or environment remained the same and/or changed over time?

If you do a competent job on this essay, your maximum score for this section will be 7.  Achieving a score of 7 is possible only if you have a thesis relevant to the prompt and have competently supported it with historical evidence.  Include dates wherever possible.

Those of you who are ambitious can try for two bonus points.  However, you must reach the original threshold of 7 before the extra two points are possible.

Excellent essays will analyze all relevant issues related to the question.  Writers whose essays consider global context, chronology, causation, change, continuity, effects, content, historical evidence, and innovation will impress test scorers.

One thing to remember is that it is possible for something to be a change as well as a continuity.  The introduction of Christianity in Latin America was originally a change from indigenous religions.  However, Christianity's lasting legacy has become a continuity.

If you’re getting the feeling this this essay will be challenging, you’re right.  You must practice writing this type of essay many times under the 40 minute time constraints.  With practice and a strong knowledge of AP World History, this part of the exam will be manageable.