GRE Analytical Writing Section: Finding Essay Examples

One of the critical elements of writing essays for the GRE is coming up with meaningful examples. In order to present a cogent argument, your examples must be well thought out and illustrative.

When you are under time constraints however, you may be at a loss as to how to quickly think of situations that support your point. Below I’ve listed a few places you can think of to look for supporting evidence:

1) Books you’ve read—both popular culture and scholarly works
2) News events—stay abreast of events by reading newspaper op-eds as a part of your study process
3) Plays or other forms of artwork that may be relevant
4) Relevant personal experiences

After you have crafted a solid thesis statement in response to the test prompt, list examples as a part of your outlining process. This will serve two purposes:

1) to help you flesh out your argument and

2) to make sure your examples are well thought and support your thesis.

When the test scorers read your work, they will want to see information that supports your argument. The best way to do this is through examples. Use whatever knowledge you have to come up with items that will support your argument.

Through continued practice and study, generating examples will become second nature. Examples do not need to complex for them to be effective. You will need these skills to do well on both sections of the Analytical portion of the GRE.

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