How to Register for the CBEST?

As with all standardized testing, candidates must register to take the CBEST.

Registration starts off with going to and creating an account. After creating this account, you will log in using your user name and password – so save them in a convenient place that you can easily refer back to them.

CBEST are given in a paper-based format or a computer-based format.

If you choose the paper-based format you will automatically be registered for all three sections which need to be completed with four hours of testing time. However, you do have the choice to take only one, two or all three sections of the paper-based test.

Registering for the computer-based CBEST allows you to select taking one, two or all three sections of the test, again with a four hour time window, which includes 15 minutes to complete a tutorial and sign a nondisclosure agreement related to the test.

The fee for these tests is the same whether you choose to take one, two or all three sections. The current fee schedule is found at The only way to change the sections you have originally made is to withdraw from the test and register again.

The test dates for the paper-based test can be found at, while the dates for the computer-based test are year-round, Monday through Saturday (excluding some holidays). 

The computer-based test does not have an official registration deadline, but there are seat limitations at the testing centers. Before you register for a computer-based test go to to do two things. The first is to identify the test(s) you want to take and find a location where they are given. Following the directions you can select a date and time that you would like to take the test(s). Since the testing centers have a fixed number of computers to be used, appointments must be made. Seat availability information is subject to change.

If you are retaking a CBSET section you must wait 45 days before retaking a computer-based test. However you may retake a paper-based test sooner.

As part of the registration process you will be required to indicate at which institution you gained your professional preparation. More specific information on this aspect of the registration process can be found at

An easy to follow registration checklist is available at which can help you better understand the registration process, and save you time as you register for your CBEST.


  1. Michelina Fisher says

    I took paper based writing CBEST a few years ago. The score for writing is 39. i have kept the record of it here. Please let me know if the number of 39 for my writing score is still in a record. It is that I can figure out how to pass the test by taking math and reading. Suppose I make it more than 41 score in either math and reading, it means that I would pass the test along with my 39 score for writing up to more than 123 score, passage number. Thank you, Michelina.

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