LSAT Writing Sample Prototype - Point Counterpoint Part Three

Below, I will argue in favor of option two from the writing sample prompt from my previous post.

Denyse should forgo the national tour because the smaller regional tour will allow her to pursue her goals of establishing a fan base and recording in her home studio simultaneously.

While the national tour would have her performing in larger venues, many concertgoers have an undivided interest in the headliner and skip the opening act.  Even if Denyse’s shows were well-attended, there would be no guarantee that performing in front of larger audiences would necessarily lead to an increase in her fan base.

Denyse’s desire to record after the release of her debut CD will create a continuous stream of new music and keep her in the public view.  This is in direct contrast with the mere possibility of Denyse touring with and playing with an established group, a situation without any assurances of lasting career impact.

The regional tour caters to music lovers who are receptive to new talent.  Even though the regional tour’s budget is minimal, its venues already have a reputation for establishing new talent and being well-attended.

Consequently, people in attendance at Denyse's regional shows are more likely to become loyal fans in the long run, having a genuine interest in Denyse’s music rather than just hearing her perform by default.

Touring can be exhausting, especially for a newcomer like Denyse.  A four month 30 city tour is definitely more manageable than an 8 month 100 city tour.  If the more extensive tour is not working out, Denyse will have obligated herself contractually for the better part of a year and will be no closer to either of her goals.

While the national tour may appear to present the accoutrements of success, its benefits are at best speculative.  Ultimately, Denyse should choose the regional tour because its merits are more quantifiable, outweigh its limitations, and allow her to achieve both goals concurrently.

Good luck on the LSAT!

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