Nursing and technology - Using the Internet

Attention all those interested in nursing: I have one word for you- GOOGLE!

I can't tell you how many times a day I use it. I might be addicted. Is there a support group out there for that sort of thing??

I tutor nursing students quite a bit these days. It always makes me laugh when I am asked a question that I don't know the answer to. Of course, I am going to Google it! But back when I went to school (in the aforementioned dark ages), we didn't really have the Internet. At least, not even close to the extent we do now.

If I had a question, I went to an encyclopedia. That and my nursing books were my only resources. (Go ahead, laugh, but it's 100% true). Now, I can search the Internet for the term or phrase, and 5 million websites pop up to not only give me the answer, but to help me compare the data! It blows my mind, really.

The search engines that are at the disposal of nursing students today are amazing. Students can get so much information in a quarter of a second.

It's important to remember that with that large amount of data, you must be selective in your choices.

What I mean is, choose websites that are trusted authorities in medicine. Mayo clinic, universities, and online encyclopedias are a much better choice than say, Ok, I made that site up. But I think you get my point, right?

Quality of data, not quantity, still has the relevancy it did when I was using my Encyclopedia Britannica.

I am going to continue to be amazed at the tech advances of the future, I'm sure. Nursing students have so many advantages nowadays. It truly is a remarkable and exciting time to be in nursing school. I am hopeful that all of you will use these advances to save more lives, be great nurses, and help propel the nursing profession forward.

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