PCAT Prep: The Biology Section

The biology section is one of the big sections that many students worry about but are actually quite prepared for before they take the exam. As mentioned in previous blogs, the biology section of the PCAT consists of 3 sections: general biology, microbiology, and physiology and anatomy.

The general biology section of the PCAT covers topics like:

Molecular biology: enzymes, energy, nucleic acids, DNA and RNA.

Cell biology: structure, components, properties, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell structure, Krebs cycle, cellular reproduction and division, membrane transport, and cellular metabolism.

Kingdom of life: taxonomy and 5 kingdom classification system

Ecology: plants and environmental systems

Nutrition: protein, glucose, and vitamins.

Genetics: chromosomes, genes, traits, and genetic diseases.

 Although many of these topics are covered in level 100 biology classes it is important to take a good look and review these topics before the exam.

Learning definitions as well as how they relate to other topics is important.

For example, how do nucleic acids and DNA relate?

The answer is that DNA is a type of nucleic acid along with RNA. By understanding these relations, students get a great foundation for the PCAT as well as future biology classes.

The microbiology section of the PCAT covers topics that are covered in an upper-level biology classes

Unless you are a biology or microbiology major, many students may not come across having to take such a class.

Although, you may not want to or have the time to take a microbiology class, it is important to learn the topics that are covered. You may even want to buy a microbiology book so you can learn some of the material in-depth. This will help not just for the microbiology section ,but also for some questions in the general biology section.

The physiology and anatomy section is highly advanced

Compared to the general biology and microbiology sections, the physiology and anatomy section is highly advanced and I would highly recommend that you take the course before appearing for the exam.

Without the actual class, this topic can be hard to not just learn on your own, but also to comprehend. This class is a prerequisite course for many pharmacy schools, so you will not only be learning it for the exam, but you'll be getting the prerequisite out of the way as well.

Please let me know if you have any other questions on how to approach the biology section of the PCAT by commenting below.




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