Praxis I: The Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST)

The Praxis series of tests are used by various state and licensing agencies to evaluate a prospective teacher’s basic skill level in the area of reading, writing and math prior to their entry into the field of education. In addition some teaching colleges may require candidates for their education program to satisfactorily complete Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) as entry into their program.

The Praxis I (PPST) can be taken either as a paper delivered test or as a computer delivered test. To find specific dates and locations for the Praxis I computer delivered test go to,  for testing dates and go to for testing dates for paper delivered test dates. Locations for computer delivered tests can be found at and paper delivered test centers can be found at

These tests are only given in English. If your primarily language is not English, under certain circumstances, you maybe eligible for extended time. For more information check  If you qualify for extended time only certain testing centers are available for you to test. Review for the best testing center for you.

The PPST has 3 separate parts, reading, writing and math. These parts may be taken on one day or on 3 separate days.

The reading portion of the Praxis evaluates you abilities to understand analyze and evaluate written messages. If you choose to take the computer delivered reading test there are 46 questions for you to answer within 75 minutes. While the paper delivered reading test only has 40 questions with an allowable time of 60 minutes.

The writing portion of the Praxis assesses your ability to correctly utilize grammar and to effectively communicate in writing. If you choose to take the computer delivered writing test, there are 44 questions to be answered in 38 minutes plus 1 essay to be written with 30 minutes. The paper delivered writing test has 38 questions with an allowable time of 60 minutes.

The last portion is the math portion which measures your mathematical skills and understanding of mathematical concept that and educated adult may need. The computer delivered math test has 46 questions with an allowable time of 75 minutes. The paper delivered math test only has 40 questions with a time limit of 60 minutes.

The tests are scored based on the number of correct answers, with no loss of points for incorrect answers. Your key to success during this test is to properly pace yourself and carefully read each problem.

In later postings we will go into methods of preparing for each of the three types of tests.

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