Want to Compare Business Schools? Try the Which MBA? Fair


The countdown begins until the next Which MBA? Online Fair, which connects prospective MBA students to business schools around the world. On September 5-6, 2012, over 40 business schools from North America, Europe, Australia and Asia will be waiting to meet prospective candidates through an online, interactive virtual MBA fair. Visitors can chat with admissions [...]

Getting Your Business School Recommendations Right


Recommendations are an important part of the Business School application process, yet many candidates pay minimal attention to this component. What does the typical Business School candidate do? The typical candidate assumes that her track record at work or her volunteer organization should stand for itself. She believes that her manager or supervisor is well [...]

Business School Admissions: Don’t Be Shy – Ask Questions


After you have spent hours looking through business school websites, brochures, and probably an MBA book or two – chances are many of the schools begin to look alike. The student profiles are about the same, the occupations before and careers after are similar, and of course, the school is highly ranked (ranking changes annually, [...]

Business School Admissions: Essay Strategy - Brainstorming


For some business school applicants, the essays are the most opaque and daunting component of the entire application process. Opaque because you are constantly second guessing every anecdote, detail, and word choice, wondering if it encompasses what business schools are looking for. Daunting because you are