Taking the Texas Bar Exam - What You Need to Know

Who Can Sit for the Texas Bar Exam?

Graduates of law schools approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) are eligible to sit for the bar exam.

Applicants from non-ABA approved law schools (non- correspondence based study) may sit for the exam only if they hold an active, valid law license in another U.S. jurisdiction and have practiced in that jurisdiction for a three (3) year period within the previous five (5) calendar years immediately preceding filing an application with the Texas Board of Law Examiners. Applicants for admission to Texas Bar must be at least 18 years old and must be of “good moral character and fitness.”

Weighing the Financial Costs of Taking the Bar Exam

The bar exam application fees range from $300 to over $1200.

These fees include an applicant’s fingerprinting and background investigation costs.

Another financial consideration is the cost of taking a bar exam review course. Another consideration for many working law students is whether they can continue to work while preparing for the bar exam. Students who have the resources to do so may decide to stop working and focus 100% on bar exam preparation.

I found that studying for the exam was a full time job and that I could not devote additional time to a job.

How Should YOU Study for the Bar Exam

During the weeks leading up the exam, I saw many of my classmates practically living in the law library and putting in countless all- night study sessions. I chose to do neither.

I found that I performed better when I studied in blocks as opposed to engaging in “cramming” sessions. I also found it very helpful to review the material from past bar exams.
Bottom line is to find a study method that works best for YOU! A method that will allow YOU to perform well on the bar exam!

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