Texas Bar Exam Technology: SofTest

With the February 2013 Texas Bar Exam approaching and the holidays coming to a close, examinees are beginning to get serious about exam preparation. Examinees are also preparing their Bar exam technology. Now is the time to become familiar with the technology that is allowed during the Texas Bar Exam. Let’s take a look at SofTest. According to the Texas Board of Law Eaxminers (the Board):

1. SofTest™ is a program developed and licensed by ExamSoft that enables exam takers to securely take examinations downloaded to their own laptop computers by blocking access to files, programs, and the internet during an exam. Examsoft will assess a fee for this software. This fee is approximately $107 and is subject to change without notice.

2. Examinees must submit properly completed exam application forms simultaneously with a laptop use application, appropriate filing fees, and an email address to the Board. The Board will email the SofTest™ registration instructions to examinees once the registration period has opened. Examinees are responsible for ensuring that any and all emails from the Board and its staff will be received by examinees and will not be blocked by examinees’ email software or examinees’ computers. Examsoft will assess a fee for this software. This fee is approximately $107 and is subject to change without notice.

3. The SofTest registration process consists of: (1) Payment to ExamSoft for ExamSoft licensing fees (approximately $107 and subject to change without notice), (2) Installation and Registration of the SofTest software, and (3) Completion of the Mock Exam and both (a) uploading the Mock Exam using SofTest, before the registration deadline and (b) saving the Mock Exam to a USB memory stick.

The SofTest registration process records examinees with ExamSoft as an applicant who has been properly registered to take the Texas Bar Exam on the examinee’s laptop and provides examinees a copy of SofTest to install on examinees’ computers. Examinees will receive confirmation via email that examinees have downloaded and installed SofTest, registered examinees’ copy of SofTest and uploaded examinees’ Mock Bar Exam. Examinees will be responsible for practicing with SofTest’s Bar Exam Retriever Wizard to save the Mock Exam to a USB memory stick.

Instructions for using the SofTest Bar Exam Retriever can be found at http://www.examsoft.com/usbu

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