What to Expect on Day 3 of the Texas Bar Exam

During the third day of the Texas Bar Exam, according to the Texas Board of Law Examiners (BLE), test takers are expected to complete 12 essays in 6 hours on the following areas of law:

- Uniform Commercial Code (2 essays)
- Business Associations, including corporations, agency and partnerships (2 essays)
- Family Law (2 essays)
- Wills and Administration (2 essays)
- Real Property (2 essays)
- Trust and Guardianship (1 essay)
- Consumer Law (1 essay)
- Cross-over Topics

Questions on family law, trusts, wills and administration, and oil and gas law may contain elements of such topics as taxation and bankruptcy law

The BLE has provided outlines for real property and consumer law essays topics.

According to the BLE, since July 2010, of the 23 essay exams given, 7 have contained cross over elements including 1 essay asking about the effect of a bankruptcy stay on a foreclosure sale. Two essays had questions about the federal estate tax, 1 essay had a federal gift tax element, and 1 essay asked about the tax advantages of a limited liability partnership versus a corporation.

Starting in February 2009, the BLE began posting on its website selected answers to the bar exam day 3 essays as opposed to the BLE’s earlier practice of posting comments. These selected answers were chosen for publication because the essays demonstrated length and quality of essays that received above average scores.

According to the BLE, these selected essay answers should not considered “model” answers as examinees completed the essay questions without the benefit of law books and under strict time constraints.

Preparing for all of Those Essays!

How does a law student prepare to write 12 essays in 6 hours? Well, this portion of the bar exam not only requires that examinees demonstrate knowledge of tested legal principals but examinees must also be able to produce well written essays. So, law students must make sure to practice and refine their verbal communication skills well in advance of the Texas Bar Exam.

Good luck on the Bar Exam!

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