Hobsons & BenchPrep partner to offer
personalized, game-based test prep to K-12 schools

The partnership will deliver more than 2 million courses in the first year.

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Help students achieve college & career readiness

“At Hobsons, we recognize the importance of early preparation and academic preparedness when it comes to standardized testing and college readiness exams –– not to simply teach to a test but to help students take advantage of opportunity. We're proud to work with BenchPrep to utilize their industry-leading adaptive technology to power Naviance Test Prep.”

— Stephen M. Smith, president of advising and admissions solutions for Hobsons

Higher scores, better access to opportunities

“This has helped me increase my ACT score over my junior year by 4 points!”

“This site is great because you can go at your own pace and learn as much as you personally can. I love it!”

“I am finally getting the help I need.....this is sooooo great”

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