Geometry by Schaums Outlines

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From Deductive Reasoning, to Proofs of Important Theorums, Geometry Prep by Schaum's Outlines includes everything you need to achieve a higher grade in Geometry. Featuring 264 practice questions, 2 mini-tests and 107 flashcards, Schaum's outlines are concise, easy to understand, and will help both struggling and confident students become better acquainted with Geometry.

Topics Covered

Topics and concepts covered in Geometry by Schaums Outlines

  1. Lines Angles And Triangles
  2. Methods Of Proof
  3. Congruent Triangles
  4. Parallel Lines Distances And Angle Sums
  5. Parallelograms Trapezoids Medians And Midpoints
  6. Circles
  7. Similarity
  8. Trigonometry
  9. Areas
  10. Regular Polygons And The Circle
  11. Locus
  12. Analytic Geometry
  13. Inequalities And Indirect Reasoning
  14. Improvement Of Reasoning
  15. Constructions
  16. Proofs Of Important Theorem
  17. Extending Plane Geometry Into Solid Geometry
  18. Transformations
  19. Noneuclidean Geometry

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Geometry by Schaums Outlines
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