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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a BenchPrep course different from a book?

Unlike, boring, bulky, one-dimensional books, BenchPrep online courses are smart, social, and accessible. Each course contains all the content that a book has, but is re-organized to be interactive and easy to use across all of your devices. A BenchPrep course also has features that a book cannot have, such as timed exams, digital flashcards, and personalization features.

Can I access a BenchPrep's course through a mobile device?

Yes - that's our speciality! All BenchPrep purchases include access to our BenchPrep app. Our mobile app gives you the complete course delivered on any Apple or Android device. Unlike other prep apps that only have a few study tools in their apps, with BenchPrep you can access practice questions, view lessons, and use flashcards-all on the go! Everything syncs across devices automatically.

How long do I have access to my course?

You have 12 months of access from the date you redeem your voucher code.

Can I use BenchPrep outside of the United States?

Yes, you can access your BenchPrep account in any country, as long as you have a good internet connection.

Why am I receiving the message, "Your voucher code is invalid or has already been redeemed"?

This error message will appear if you have entered your voucher code incorrectly or if you have already redeemed your voucher. For first time visitors, you most likely entered the code incorrectly.

Example redemption code: GOEV9JVKBP.

Please check the following.

  1. Make sure you are entering the redemption code, not the order number
  2. Do not enter a # symbol before the redeption code
  3. Double check your 0's, L's, I's and 1's

Still having trouble? Please email BenchPrep Support with your redemption code.


The BenchPrep software is really good! It makes things so much easier than buying all the books and going through them. BenchPrep is amazing.
Benchprep is awesome. I passed my GMAT and got into grad school. I will be back in the future when my children start studying for the SAT's.
Within the first day of studying using the Bench Prep Software, I felt that I had already learned more than I did in the $1000 in classroom course. I can't say enough good things about Bench Prep.
BenchPrep has been amazing in terms of studying for the MCAT. I love how I can go to any section I need and continue where I left off. The questions and quizzes definitely help with review.