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Offer cost-effective, outcomes-driven
exam preparation to prospective certificants

Help your members succeed with a pedagogically robust learning product

Professional associations are leveraging BenchPrep to move to a new product design paradigm that focuses on an outcome-driven learning solution. This solution leads to better success rates for certificants and better alignment with the goals and preferences of today's professionals.

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Increase revenue by offering value-added educational products

Education managers that use BenchPrep are realizing an immediate boost in high-margin, non-dues revenue by offering robust certification preparation tools to their prospective and new members. BenchPrep offers partnership models with no upfront costs and quick turnaround.

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Access meaningful engagement and usage data to inform editorial decisions

Thought leaders in the professional certification space are using BenchPrep to deliver a seamless product (and learning) experience across certifications, recertifications and continuing education programs while leveraging a unified data and knowledge model.

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A comprehensive toolkit to deliver enhanced learning

Learning Platform

BenchPrep™ Apps

Deliver a personalized, gamified and intuitive learning experience with a best-in-class learning platform.

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Content Management


Leverage a new age CMS to upgrade your content management strategy to fit the digital paradigm.

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Educator Tools


Unlock the power of analytics to empower educators with actionable tools to do what they do best.

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Data Engine


Let data from millions of students drive learning and editorial decisions.

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E-Commerce Solution


Package your offerings into smart and meaningful e-commerce products.

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Are you ready to offer effective exam preparation to your members?