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Expand digital product portfolios
to deliver incremental value beyond content

Increase revenue by expanding product portfolios beyond e-books.

The world's best publishers are using Benchprep's game-changing learning platform to re-package their existing content into new digital products. By offering a comprehensive array of products to a broader audience they are able to open up new revenue streams without additional content production costs.

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Offer relevant, interactive products to meet the needs of today's digital learners.

Content managers are leveraging BenchPrep to move to a new product design paradigm that focuses on an outcome-driven learning solution. This leads to better alignment with the goals and preferences of today's learners.

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Access meaningful engagement and usage data to inform editorial decisions.

Editors, authors and educators, who have historically relied on intuition and market research data, are now utilizing the robust set of engagement and usage data that BenchPrep provides. This allows for a deeper understanding of the correlation between content and outcomes and an optimized content strategy.

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A comprehensive toolkit to deliver enhanced learning

Learning Platform

BenchPrep™ Apps

Deliver a personalized, gamified and intuitive learning experience with a best-in-class learning platform.

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Content Management


Leverage a new age CMS to upgrade your content management strategy to fit the digital paradigm.

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Educator Tools


Unlock the power of analytics to empower educators with actionable tools to do what they do best.

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Data Engine


Let data from millions of students drive learning and editorial decisions.

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E-Commerce Solution


Package your offerings into smart and meaningful e-commerce products.

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Are you ready to enable new revenue streams with
enhanced margins?