Linear Algebra by Schaums Outlines

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Schaum's Outlines of Linear Algebra covers all major topics of study, from Matrices to Linear Equations to Hermitian Forms. This course grounds you in the basics while also offering challenging practice problems, so whether you're a math major, a physics major, or even computer science or economics major, you'll have the breadth of capability required for any degree program.

Topics Covered

Topics and Concepts Covered

  1. Vectors in Rn And Cn, Spatial Vectors
  2. Algebra Of Matrices
  3. Systems Of Linear Equations
  4. Vector Spaces
  5. Linear Mappings
  6. Linear Mappings And Matrices
  7. Inner Product Spaces, Orthogonality
  8. Determinants
  9. Diagonalization Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors
  10. Canonical Forms
  11. Linear Functional And The Dual Space
  12. Bilinear, Quadratic, And Hermitian Forms
  13. Linear Operators On Inner Product Spaces
  14. Multilinear Products
  15. Algebraic Structures
  16. Odds And Ends
  17. Glossary

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