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This MCAT Chemistry online prep course presents a comprehensive review of general chemistry and organic chemistry so you can prepare for the Medical College Admission Test. Featuring a plethora of practice questions and lessons, there is plenty of clarification and review to boost your score on the MCAT Chemistry section. Follow a study plan to keep organized, receive frequent reports and analysis, and access course material across devices so you will be adequately prepared.

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Students who follow a BenchPrep Study Plan improve their scores 18% more than those who don't.

We collect and analyze millions of data points every week to identify techniques and learning patterns that can help you get a better score. We use these learnings to create a personalized study plan for you that lays out step-by-step weekly tasks for you. The plan adapts to your schedule and goals and will tell you exactly what to do next. Unlike most cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all programs, we personalize the entire course around you.

Study Plan for MCAT Chemistry Prep by Nova

Week 1

Learn about the MCAT on the AAMC website

When to Take the MCAT

The Importance of Sleep While Preparing for the MCAT

MCAT Do's and Don'ts

Pre-game Warm-up

Matter — 21 Lessons

Chemical Reactions — 15 Lessons

Electronic Structure — 12 Lessons

Periodic Table — 15 Lessons

Chemistry Review: The Mole

Week 2

Chemical Bonding — 14 Lessons

Gases — 13 Lessons

Liquids — 20 Lessons

Chemistry of Solutions — 11 Lessons

Acid-Base Equilibrium — 18 Lessons

Thermodynamics — 19 Lessons

MCAT Chemistry Review: Behavior of Gases

The Properties of Water – Chemistry Review

Week 3

Equilibrium and Kinetics — 11 Lessons

Electrochemistry — 7 Lessons

Radioactivity — 4 Lessons

Practice General Chemistry — 2 Practice Questions

Practice Physical Chemistry — 17 Practice Questions

Week 4

General Concepts — 9 Lessons

Alkanes — 14 Lessons

Alkenes — 23 Lessons

Alkynes — 12 Lessons

Aromatic Compounds — 14 Lessons

Week 5

Stereochemistry — 10 Lessons

Alkyl Halides — 15 Lessons

Alcohols — 14 Lessons

Aldehydes and Ketones — 12 Lessons

Carboxylic Acids — 7 Lessons

Week 6

Acid Derivatives — 12 Lessons

Ethers — 7 Lessons

Phenols — 5 Lessons

Amines — 6 Lessons

Amino Acids and Proteins — 14 Lessons

Carbohydrates — 11 Lessons

Week 7

Lipids — 4 Lessons

Phosphoric Acid Chemistry — 4 Lessons

Separation — 14 Lessons

Practice Organic Chemistry — 14 Practice Questions

Practice Functional Groups — 68 Practice Questions

Week 8

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Test 5

Test 6

Test 7

Test Day Tips

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Game Center

Studying for a test can get boring at times. That's why we created a full-scale game center packed with fun, addictive games built on a foundation of spaced-repetition strategies that help you learn faster and enhance memory retention. We make sure your hard work doesn't go unrewarded either. That's why we've added leaderboards to show you how your scores compare against your peers.

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Achievements and Leaderboards

We make sure your hard work doesn't go unrewarded. We've added leaderboards to show you how your scores compare against your peers, and achievements to acknowledge your skill and progress as you work through your test.

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Study Plan

Make the most of your study time with a built-in study plan that outlines weekly study tasks and keeps track of your activity in real time.


Instantly jump to related lessons while reviewing solutions to practice questions so that you can understand the concept better.


Start a conversation with thousands of other students studying for the same test and are ready to help.


Ask any question to our army of experts and expect a detailed answer within 24 hours. Rest assured that help is always just a click away.

Game Center

Test yourself with our fun, engaging games that can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Confidence Levels

Personalize the course by marking lessons and questions with confidence levels so that you can focus on parts that require most attention.

Reports & Analysis

Identify your weaknesses and understand your score better with BenchPrep's intelligent reports and dashboard.

Notes & Bookmarks

Create bookmarks and write custom notes to remind yourself of tips, questions, or concepts that you want to revisit later.

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I think BenchPrep is very user friendly. I love the topic index and the feature that allows you to mark a certain section that you need to review more. I love the product and will continue to use it.
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BenchPrep has been amazing in terms of studying for the MCAT. I love how I can go to any section I need and continue where I left off. The questions and quizzes definitely help with review.
, MCAT user
I am very satisfied with the study tools provided by BenchPrep. The flash cards and practice questions have been especially helpful. Thanks!
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I absolutely love using bench prep to study over the other options I've had.
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