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This online MCAT Prep course by McGraw-Hill is a thorough review of the material on the Medical College Admissions Test. With hundreds of lessons and practice questions, as well as flashcards and interactive study games, students can expect to have a solid foundation in physical and biological sciences, verbal reasoning and writing. Students can enjoy organized study plans for themselves, receive progress reports and analysis, and access course material across all capable devices.

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Students who follow a BenchPrep Study Plan improve their scores 18% more than those who don't.

We collect and analyze millions of data points every week to identify techniques and learning patterns that can help you get a better score. We use these learnings to create a personalized study plan for you that lays out step-by-step weekly tasks for you. The plan adapts to your schedule and goals and will tell you exactly what to do next. Unlike most cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all programs, we personalize the entire course around you.

Study Plan for MCAT Prep by McGraw Hill

Week 1

Get the most out of BenchPrep — 10 Lessons

Learn how to use BenchPrep in the most efficient and effective way.

Diagnostic Test

Learn about the MCAT

Learn the Basics of the MCAT — 9 Lessons

Test Format and Structure — 3 Lessons

General Test Taking Strategies — 2 Lessons

When to Take the MCAT

The Importance of Sleep While Preparing for the MCAT

MCAT Do's and Don'ts

Pre-game Warm-up

Week 2

Mathematics Fundamentals — 13 Lessons

Physics Fundamentals — 8 Lessons

Kinematics — 8 Lessons

Forces and Newton's Laws — 10 Lessons

Particle Dynamics: Work, Energy and Power — 7 Lessons

Momentum and Impulse — 6 Lessons

Flashcards — 25 Flash Cards

Practice Questions — 30 Practice Questions

Balancing the MCAT and Academics

Week 3

Solids and Fluids — 11 Lessons

Temperature and Heat — 6 Lessons

Vibrations and Waves — 8 Lessons

Sound — 9 Lessons

Light and Geometric Optics — 11 Lessons

Flashcards — 24 Flash Cards

Practice Questions — 50 Practice Questions

Week 4

Electrostatics and Circuits — 6 Lessons

Electric Circuits — 12 Lessons

Magnetism — 4 Lessons

Atomic and Nuclear Physics — 12 Lessons

Glossary of Physics Terms

Flashcards — 26 Flash Cards

Practice Questions — 23 Practice Questions

Week 5

Atoms and Molecules — 9 Lessons

Electronic Structure and the Periodic Table — 7 Lessons

Trends in Periodic Table — 12 Lessons

Lewis Dot Structures, Hybridization and VSEPR Theory — 6 Lessons

Gases — 7 Lessons

Flashcards — 24 Flash Cards

Practice Questions — 20 Practice Questions

Answer these practice questions over the course of the next 3 weeks.

Week 6

Intermolecular Forces and Phase Equilibria — 5 Lessons

Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry — 4 Lessons

Reactions in Solution — 6 Lessons

Thermochemistry — 8 Lessons

Kinetics — 7 Lessons

Flashcards — 26 Flash Cards

Week 7

Equilibrium — 5 Lessons

Solubility Equilibrium — 4 Lessons

Acid-Base Chemistry — 9 Lessons

Thermodynamics — 11 Lessons

Electrochemistry — 8 Lessons

Glossary of General Chemistry Terms

Flashcards — 24 Flash Cards

Week 8

Verbal Reasoning — 5 Lessons

Flashcards — 111 Flash Cards

Practice Questions — 38 Practice Questions

Week 9

The Cell — 15 Lessons

Enzymes, Energy and Cellular Metabolism — 12 Lessons

DNA Structure, Replication and Technology — 11 Lessons

Protein Synthesis — 14 Lessons

Genetics — 16 Lessons

Flashcards — 24 Flash Cards

MCAT Biology Example Question

Week 10

Cell Division — 10 Lessons

Evolution — 21 Lessons

Bacteria and Fungi — 14 Lessons

Viruses — 9 Lessons

Flashcards — 26 Flash Cards

Practice Questions — 26 Practice Questions

Week 11

Tissues and Skin — 13 Lessons

The Nervous System and Senses — 12 Lessons

Muscular and Skeletal System — 12 Lessons

The Endocrine System — 8 Lessons

The Cardiovascular System — 15 Lessons

The Respiratory System — 4 Lessons

The Digestive System — 11 Lessons

The Urinary System — 8 Lessons

The Lymphatic and Immune Systems — 5 Lessons

Reproduction and Development — 18 Lessons

Flashcards — 24 Flash Cards

Practice Questions — 34 Practice Questions

Week 12

Structure - Bonding — 7 Lessons

Molecular Shape — 4 Lessons

Electronic Structure — 4 Lessons

Nomenclature — 5 Lessons

Reconciling Visual Meaning — 3 Lessons

Conceptual Map of Structure

Reactivity - Energy Changes in Molecules — 4 Lessons

The Radical Chemistry — 2 Lessons

Polar Chemistry — 12 Lessons

Pericyclic Chemistry — 4 Lessons

Flashcards — 26 Flash Cards

Practice Questions — 4 Practice Questions

Use these practice questions during weeks 12-14.

Week 13

Methodology - Alcohols and Ethers — 4 Lessons

Ketones and Aldehydes — 2 Lessons

Alkenes and Alkynes — 4 Lessons

Carboxylic Acid Derivatives — 7 Lessons

Epoxide Chemistry — 2 Lessons

Amines — 2 Lessons

Aromatic Chemistry — 2 Lessons


Carbohydrates and Peptides — 3 Lessons

Flashcards — 24 Flash Cards

Week 14

Separation and Purification - Extraction — 3 Lessons

Chromatography — 3 Lessons

Distillation and Sublimation — 4 Lessons

Recrystallization — 3 Lessons

Characterization - Combustion Analysis — 3 Lessons

UV-vis Spectroscopy — 3 Lessons

Mass Spectroscopy — 2 Lessons

Infrared Spectroscopy — 2 Lessons

Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance — 5 Lessons

Carbon Nuclear Magnetic Resonance — 4 Lessons

Flashcards — 26 Flash Cards

Week 15

Test 2

Test 3

Week 16

Test 4

Test 5

Test Day Tips

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Game Center

Studying for a test can get boring at times. That's why we created a full-scale game center packed with fun, addictive games built on a foundation of spaced-repetition strategies that help you learn faster and enhance memory retention. We make sure your hard work doesn't go unrewarded either. That's why we've added leaderboards to show you how your scores compare against your peers.

Game center

Achievements and Leaderboards

We make sure your hard work doesn't go unrewarded. We've added leaderboards to show you how your scores compare against your peers, and achievements to acknowledge your skill and progress as you work through your test.

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Study Plan

Make the most of your study time with a built-in study plan that outlines weekly study tasks and keeps track of your activity in real time.


Instantly jump to related lessons while reviewing solutions to practice questions so that you can understand the concept better.


Start a conversation with thousands of other students studying for the same test and are ready to help.


Ask any question to our army of experts and expect a detailed answer within 24 hours. Rest assured that help is always just a click away.

Game Center

Test yourself with our fun, engaging games that can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Confidence Levels

Personalize the course by marking lessons and questions with confidence levels so that you can focus on parts that require most attention.

Reports & Analysis

Identify your weaknesses and understand your score better with BenchPrep's intelligent reports and dashboard.

Notes & Bookmarks

Create bookmarks and write custom notes to remind yourself of tips, questions, or concepts that you want to revisit later.

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I think BenchPrep is very user friendly. I love the topic index and the feature that allows you to mark a certain section that you need to review more. I love the product and will continue to use it.
, MCAT user
BenchPrep has been amazing in terms of studying for the MCAT. I love how I can go to any section I need and continue where I left off. The questions and quizzes definitely help with review.
, MCAT user
I am very satisfied with the study tools provided by BenchPrep. The flash cards and practice questions have been especially helpful. Thanks!
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I absolutely love using bench prep to study over the other options I've had.
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