Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals I by CompuWorks

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In this course, you will learn the basics of PL/SQL, an imperative 3GL that was designed specifically for the seamless processing of SQL commands. You'll work with Blocks, DECLARE clauses, BEGIN clauses, EXCEPTION clauses, Explicit Cursors, Nested Blocks, and Subprograms in this easy-to-follow, personalized training course.

Topics Covered

Topics and concepts covered in Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals I by CompuWorks

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparing Your Environment
  3. Working with Oracle Database Tools
  4. Language Features
  5. The DECLARE Clause
  6. The BEGIN Clause
  7. The EXCEPTION Clause
  8. Explicit Cursors
  9. Nested Blocks
  10. Declared Subprograms
  11. Conclusion

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Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals I by CompuWorks
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