"BenchPrep is the future of the ‘education anywhere’ movement."

"Rated 3.5/4 by USA Today. BenchPrep makes the grade for its many partners, intuitive interface and cross-platform approach."

"Prep amongst the top 5 digital education tools for 2011 Back To School season"

"BenchPrep aims to bring study aids into the 21st century "

"BenchPrep rises to the Head of the Class"

"BenchPrep’s SAT Connect boasts some elements that other apps lack"

"BenchPrep Is Turning e-Textbooks Into Virtual Study Groups"

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"BenchPrep App Provides Social Test Preparation"

"Six free apps every college student should download"

"BenchPrep Opens Test-Prep Courses to Wikipedia, YouTube Content"

"Wikipedia and YouTube content become teachers in BenchPrep’s latest feature (exclusive)"

"BenchPrep bets on Textbooks and beyond"

"With its interactive capabilities, and especially with its offline access, BenchPrep could deliver educators and students a new kind of course material"

"Moving Test Preparation to the Mobile Revolution"

Awards & Recognitions


New Venture Challenge 2010, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

Best in Class Test Prep, Tutoring and Assessment Platform

Education Innovation Summit 2010, Arizona State University


Idea Pitch Entrepreneurship Competition 2009, Smeal School of Business, Penn State University

Top 10 most innovative companies in education technology space

Venture Capital in Education conference 2010 Organized by Berkley Noyes