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You're here because you're ready to take the next step to the college or university of your dreams. Let the world's leading educational publishers take you there with thousands of questions, detailed explanations, and top-tier review material. With BenchPrep, you'll have everything you need to succeed on the test. You'll find tips and strategies for every question type, study guides to get you through it all, and a product that works on all of your devices!

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Students who follow a BenchPrep Study Plan improve their scores 18% more than those who don't.

We collect and analyze millions of data points every week to identify techniques and learning patterns that can help you get a better score. We use these learnings to create a personalized study plan for you that lays out step-by-step weekly tasks for you. The plan adapts to your schedule and goals and will tell you exactly what to do next. Unlike most cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all programs, we personalize the entire course around you.

Sample SAT Study Plan

Week 1

Full-Length Practice PSAT

Full-Length Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic Test Essay

Week 2

The College Hill Method for SAT Word Power — 11 Lessons

Vocabulary Unit 1 — 7 Lessons

Flashcards: Vocabulary Unit 1 — 119 Flash Cards

Vocabulary Unit 2 — 7 Lessons

Flashcards: Vocabulary Unit 2 — 123 Flash Cards

Vocabulary Unit 3 — 7 Lessons

Flashcards: Vocabulary Unit 3 — 121 Flash Cards

Vocabulary Unit 4 — 7 Lessons

Flashcards: Vocabulary Unit 4 — 124 Flash Cards

Vocabulary Unit 5 — 7 Lessons

Flashcards: Vocabulary Unit 5 — 124 Flash Cards

Vocabulary Unit 6 — 7 Lessons

Flashcards: Vocabulary Unit 6 — 124 Flash Cards

Vocabulary Unit 7 — 7 Lessons

Flashcards: Vocabulary Unit 7 — 122 Flash Cards

Week 3

What SAT Critical Reading is All About — 6 Lessons

Analyzing the Purpose and Central Idea — 3 Lessons

Practice: Analyzing the Purpose and Central Idea

Finding Patterns in the Structure of the Passage — 5 Lessons

Simplifying the Passage — 4 Lessons

Connecting the Questions to the Passage — 5 Lessons

Practice: Connecting the Questions to the Passage — 42 Practice Questions

Finding Alternatives in Attacking the Questions — 5 Lessons

Practice: Finding Alternatives in Attacking the Questions — 3 Practice Questions

Thinking Logically About the Questions — 4 Lessons

Checking that You've Nailed the Answer — 5 Lessons

Full-Length Practice Test 1

Practice Test 1 Essay

Week 4

Verbal Inference — 4 Lessons

Practice: Verbal Inference — 124 Practice Questions

The Four Logical Relationships — 3 Lessons

Structural Keys — 3 Lessons

Simplifying the Sentence — 2 Lessons

Using Context Intelligently — 5 Lessons

The Toughest Sentences — 5 Lessons

Full-Length Practice Test 2

Practice Test 2 Essay

Week 5

Mapping Problems — 4 Lessons

Analyzing Problems — 4 Lessons

Finding Patterns — 4 Lessons

Simplifying Problems — 5 Lessons

Connecting to Knowledge — 5 Lessons

Finding Alternatives — 5 Lessons

Thinking Logically — 4 Lessons

Checking Your Work — 4 Lessons

Full-Length Practice Test 3

Practice Test 3 Essay

Week 6

Numbers and Operations — 6 Lessons

Practice: Numbers and Operations — 8 Practice Questions

Laws of Arithmetic — 4 Lessons

Practice: The Laws of Arithmetic — 7 Practice Questions

Fractions — 4 Lessons

Practice: Fractions — 12 Practice Questions

Ratios and Proportions — 4 Lessons

Practice: Ratios and Proportions — 11 Practice Questions

Percents — 2 Lessons

Practice: Percents — 10 Practice Questions

Negatives — 5 Lessons

Practice: Negatives — 10 Practice Questions

Divisibility — 4 Lessons

Practice: Divisibility — 9 Practice Questions

Flashcards: Essential Pre-Algebra Skills — 17 Flash Cards

Full-Length Practice Test 4

Practice Test 4 Essay

Week 7

Map the SAT Essay Assignment — 3 Lessons

Analyze the Assignment Closely — 2 Lessons

Brainstorm Your Alternatives Creatively — 4 Lessons

Connect to Your Knowledge with "Source Summaries" — 2 Lessons

Write a Strong and Creative Thesis — 2 Lessons

Organize Your Thoughts — 2 Lessons

Write Logically — 2 Lessons

Write Clearly — 3 Lessons

Write Concisely — 3 Lessons

Write Forcefully — 3 Lessons

Write Masterfully — 3 Lessons

Finish with a Bang — 3 Lessons

Practice Essay 1

Practice Essay 2

Practice Essay 3

Practice Essay 4

Practice Essay 5

Practice Essay 6

Practice Essay 7

Practice Essay 8

Practice Essay 9

Practice Essay 10

Week 8

Solving Equations — 5 Lessons

Practice: Solving Equations — 5 Practice Questions

Systems — 6 Lessons

Practice: Systems — 18 Practice Questions

Working with Exponentials — 6 Lessons

Practice: Working with Exponentials — 8 Practice Questions

Working with Roots — 3 Lessons

Practice: Working with Roots — 10 Practice Questions

Factoring — 4 Lessons

Practice: Factoring — 8 Practice Questions

Inequalities, Absolute Values, and Plugging In — 4 Lessons

Practice: Inequalities, Absolute Values, and Plugging In — 13 Practice Questions

Word Problems — 2 Lessons

Practice: Word Problems — 16 Practice Questions

Flashcards: Essential Algebra 1 Skills — 12 Flash Cards

Full-Length Practice Test 5

Practice Test 5 Essay

Week 9

Mapping: What Do the Writing Questions Want from You?

Five so-called "Rules" NOT to worry about on the SAT Writing

Attacking "Improving Sentences" Questions — 7 Lessons

Practice: Attacking "Improving Sentences" Questions — 4 Practice Questions

Attacking "Error ID" Questions — 6 Lessons

Attacking "Improving Paragraphs" Questions — 5 Lessons

Practice: Attacking "Improving Paragraphs" Questions — 3 Practice Questions

Full-Length Practice Test 6

Practice Test 6 Essay

Week 10

New Symbol or Term Problems — 2 Lessons

Practice: New Symbol or Term Problems — 12 Practice Questions

Mean/Median/Mode Problems — 4 Lessons

Practice: Mean/Median/Mode Problems — 10 Practice Questions

Numerical Reasoning Problems — 3 Lessons

Practice: Numerical Reasoning Problems — 14 Practice Questions

Rate Problems — 5 Lessons

Practice: Rate Problems — 10 Practice Questions

Counting Problems — 3 Lessons

Practice: Counting Problems — 10 Practice Questions

Probability Problems — 3 Lessons

Practice: Probability Problems — 7 Practice Questions

Flashcards: Special Math Problems — 10 Flash Cards

Full-Length Practice Test 7

Practice Test 7 Essay

Week 11

Subject-Verb Disagreement — 5 Lessons

Practice: Subject-Verb Disagreement

Trimming Sentences — 4 Lessons

Parallelism — 4 Lessons

Comparison Problems — 5 Lessons

Pronoun-Antecedent Disagreement — 5 Lessons

Practice: Pronoun-Antecedent Disagreement

Pronoun Case — 6 Lessons

Dangling and Misplaced Participles — 4 Lessons

Other Misplaced Modifiers — 5 Lessons

Tricky Tenses — 4 Lessons

Practice: Tricky Tenses — 2 Practice Questions

Idiom Errors — 4 Lessons

Diction Errors — 2 Lessons

Other Modifier Problems — 4 Lessons

Practice: Other Modifier Problems

Irregular Verbs — 2 Lessons

The Subjunctive Mood — 4 Lessons

Coordinating Ideas — 4 Lessons

Practice: Coordinating Ideas

Full-Length Practice Test 8

Practice Test 8 Essay

Week 12

Lines and Angles — 3 Lessons

Practice: Lines and Angles — 8 Practice Questions

Triangles — 5 Lessons

Practice: Triangles — 9 Practice Questions

The Pythagorean Theorem — 4 Lessons

Practice: The Pythagorean Theorem — 10 Practice Questions

Coordinate Geometry — 4 Lessons

Practice: Coordinate Geometry — 5 Practice Questions

Areas and Perimeters — 4 Lessons

Practice: Areas and Perimeters — 14 Practice Questions

Similar Figures — 3 Lessons

Practice: Similar Figures — 8 Practice Questions

Volumes and 3-D Geometry — 3 Lessons

Practice: Volumes and 3-D Geometry — 7 Practice Questions

Circles — 4 Lessons

Practice: Circles — 5 Practice Questions

Flashcards: Essential Geometry Skills — 17 Flash Cards

Full-Length Practice Test 9

Practice Test 9 Essay

Week 13

Practice Essay 11

Practice Essay 12

Practice Essay 13

Practice Essay 14

Practice Essay 15

Practice Essay 16

Practice Essay 17

Practice Essay 18

Practice Essay 19

Practice Essay 20

Week 14

Sequences — 2 Lessons

Practice: Sequences — 16 Practice Questions

Functions — 5 Lessons

Practice: Functions — 7 Practice Questions

Transformations — 5 Lessons

Practice: Transformations — 5 Practice Questions

Variation — 4 Lessons

Practice: Variation — 8 Practice Questions

Data Analysis — 3 Lessons

Practice: Data Analysis — 6 Practice Questions

Negative and Fractional Exponents — 4 Lessons

Practice: Negative and Fractional Exponents — 6 Practice Questions

Flashcards: Essential Algebra 2 Skills — 11 Flash Cards

Full-Length Practice Test 10

Practice Test 10 Essay

Week 15

Full-Length Practice Test 11

Practice Test 11 Essay

Week 16

Full-Length Practice Test 12

Practice Test 12 Essay

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Studying for a test can get boring at times. That's why we created a full-scale game center packed with fun, addictive games built on a foundation of spaced-repetition strategies that help you learn faster and enhance memory retention. We make sure your hard work doesn't go unrewarded either. That's why we've added leaderboards to show you how your scores compare against your peers.

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We make sure your hard work doesn't go unrewarded. We've added leaderboards to show you how your scores compare against your peers, and achievements to acknowledge your skill and progress as you work through your test.

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Personalize the course by marking lessons and questions with confidence levels so that you can focus on parts that require most attention.

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Identify your weaknesses and understand your score better with BenchPrep's intelligent reports and dashboard.

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Create bookmarks and write custom notes to remind yourself of tips, questions, or concepts that you want to revisit later.

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