A never-before-seen big data
implementation in education

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Let real data drive real decisions
to impact real outcomes


Access data that drives insights and facilitates action.


Leverage well-documented instructional design principles.

Data Portability

Import, export, communicate and integrate with 3rd-party systems.

Every minute, click and response is captured

BenchPrep's proprietary Event Capture Architecture (ECA) tracks and analyzes millions of learning events. ECA captures different aspects of learning: performance, behavioral, preferential and sequential. These millions of learning events are then analyzed for multi-dimensional correlations to highlight the impact on engagement and outcomes. BenchPrep uses a variety of proprietary data algorithms in conjunction with probability models (e.g. Elo Ranking to determine relative performance).

Meaningful & actionable insights are delivered

Easy to understand insights for learners

Solutions byte predictedscore chart

Predicted Score

Solutions byte strength bar

Strength & Weakness

Solutions byte studyplan

Study Plan

Actionable analytics for educators

More learning activities

More active days

Higher completion rate

Students who engage with games & achievements are more active

Solutions byte educator chart

Students need a threshold activity level to realize meaningful score improvement

Powerful controls for administrators

Solutions byte admin chart1

New User Signups

Solutions byte admin chart2

Average Time Spent

Insightful reporting for content editors

Solutions byte editor graph1

Distribution of Confidence Level

Solutions byte editor graph2

Domain Importance & Difficulty Map

Robust instructional design

BenchPrep uses well-grounded instructional design principles and learning techniques to improve engagement and outcomes. Within this framework, BenchPrep deploys Minimalism, Micro-learning and Engagement theory to design the personalized learning pathways.

  • Behavioral momentum
  • Cascading information theory
  • Conceptual clustering
  • Confidence levels
  • Cue recruitment
  • Declarative learning
  • Leitner system
  • Feedback & spacing
  • Incentive management

Are you ready to unleash the power
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