A simple CMS to deliver sophisticated learning

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Simplify & streamline your content workflow

Easy to use

Improve efficiency with an intuitive user interface that just works.

Optimized digital delivery

Build interactive learning modules to fit the needs of today's learners.

Comprehensive & Integrated

Deploy automated and interconnected tools to simplify content workflows.

Solutions blueprint device

A sophisticated & efficient CMS

Legacy content import
SCORM/AICC support
Multi-dimensional taxonomy
Cross-device publishing
Smart collaboration
Robust version control
Secure cloud storage
Automated error reporting
End user feedback management
Rich media interactive elements
Alignment with standards
Enhanced support for math
Complete media hosting
Multi-modality support
Uses open standard (HTML)
Intuitive user interface
Advanced support for learning modules
Full-service API
Intelligent content search
Intelligent learning data analytics
Insightful reporting dashboards

Are you ready to put your learning content to work?