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Leading education companies use BenchPrep
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ACT Engages BenchPrep for an Enhanced Personalized ACT Online Prep Program

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HR Certification Institute & BenchPrep Announce Pioneering Partnership to Deliver Innovative Digital Certification Prep Solution

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Hobsons & BenchPrep Partner to Offer Personalized, Game-based Test Prep to K-12 Schools

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Offer best in class exam prep

Used and loved by more than 1 million learners across 20 countries, BenchPrep delivers a personalized, game-based, intuitive learning experience across web & mobile devices.

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Deploy a turnkey solution

BenchPrep offers a comprehensive toolkit that includes an exam prep engine, content management system, educator tools, data engine, e-commerce solution and a variety of content & instructional design services.

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Think beyond LMS and CMS

BenchPrep platform enhances learner engagement and efficacy based on a product design paradigm that’s aligned to what today’s learners want, need and deserve.

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