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Give learners what they really want

The modern world demands a better learning experience that is personalized to individuals and delivered on demand in a flexible format. Enter BenchPrep. We help the world’s leading organizations offer learning experiences that are tailored for increased engagement and achievement.

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Look beyond a standard LMS

Most learning management systems focus on the management and delivery of learning content, but forget about the learner. BenchPrep empowers you to deliver an unmatched learning experience that is personalized and fun. This approach is proven to drive deeper engagement and higher success rates. When the learner achieves success, it’s a win for everyone.

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Don’t take our word for it.

Leading credentialing bodies, professional associations, and training organizations are already using the BenchPrep platform to transform their digital offerings


Improve operating revenue

Digital learning products are becoming the biggest sources of revenue growth for education and training organizations. BenchPrep’s comprehensive turn-key solution drives revenue growth quickly without any overhead or stress. Jump in and go.

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Grow core programs

Engaging learners throughout the entire lifecycle improves long-term participation rates and reduces churn. BenchPrep offers sophisticated reporting and analytics tools to monitor usage, performance, and engagement so you can grow your core programs.

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